Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great America

Scott's deadline has finally come and gone so last weekend we decided to maximize our fun. Great America is about 15 minutes away and even thought Scott was expecting it to be lame we had a really good time. The rides were fun and we had a great time together.

Lunch your mother would be proud of...

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Success! Here is the last thing we did in Seattle: drop my parent's off for their cruise. They decided to take advantage of being in Seattle and go on an Alaskan cruise. My mom mentioned wanting to go on one about 6 weeks ago so Scott and I got to work planning everything out for them. It's a good thing I have Scott because he was the final convincing factor with my dad. (Sometimes they're so alike I feel like I married my dad 30 years younger!) Anyway, once they were sold they took off and made some super fun plans. They're going in a float plane, whale watching, salmon fishing, glacier touring, etc. I'm way jealous.
The funniest part about this picture though is the luggage discrepancy. My mom has 1 suitcase and my dad has 2. I think the larger one of my dad's is full of his gadgets...

Seattle #2

Delicious veggies.
Super fun peppers. It made me sad to not like peppers because I really felt like I should buy one of these. However, there was also the problem of taking it on the plane...
There was a cheese factory and we got to see them make cheese. That rake looks at lot like one in my parent's garage. Odd.
Cheese making photo #2.

So this whole blogging thing is new to me and I'm still in my sharp learning curve stage. I have one more picture that I want to post and for some reason it's refused to upload on the last two posts. Here's for try #3! (I'm only not letting it go because it's my favorite picture and I think my sibling would get a good laugh.)

Seattle #1

So on the front page there was a huge article about the World Sand Sculpture Competition taking place that weekend in the city we were staying. We thought it would be a few miles away at the beach but when we walked outside the event parking was across the street! We drove around for a few minutes and finally found the competition in a parking lot. We looked through the fence and this is the most detailed picture I could get.
From the competition we went to Pike's Market and wondered around. There was this man blowing up balloons at the entrance. He had an interesting choice of attire...
There were beautiful flowers for $5! I wish I lived closer and I'd have fresh flowers in my house every week.
Here is a giant squid. The workers at this shop would sing and throw huge fish around every few mintues. They also had a fish hanging off the display that would move every few minutes. I guess there was a string attached and they'd make it move whenever someone got close enough. Yes, it took me a while to catch on...

And since all my pictures didn't load I'll do another post with a few more pictures!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Here comes the bride...

This weekend was full of weddings. On Friday we went to my old roommate's wedding and then on Saturday I flew to Seattle for my cousin's wedding. It was so fun.
I didn't get a picture of Friday's happy couple but here's their food table! Erica is granola so everything was fresh and tasty. Scott loved all the sushi they served and I loved the fresh fruit. We were both happily satisfied. We helped with the running of the reception and got to take home some of their beautiful roses!
And here's a picture of Saturday's happy couple, Austin & Rachel! The sealing was so sweet and they're so excited to be married. When Scott and I got married I was too shy to really kiss him so we were given 2 more chances to get it right (and no, we never really kissed during the ceremony). Austin took notes from our wedding and did it right. He gave Rachel 3 solid kisses in the temple! (Don't worry, they were all classy kisses.) It was cute.

Here's a crooked picture of the wedding party. Stay tuned and next post I'll share my fun pictures from touring Seattle!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Digs

While Scott was working at school this weekend I cleaned our apartment from top to bottom and then took some pictures to share with you all. I still have more to do so our apartment feels like a home but I think I've made some good progress. I know there are too many pictures but since our apartment is so small I thought I'd show you everything!*

Dining & Living Room (if we have people over for dinner we have to pull out the table so that all the seats can be used!)
This view is from the door and you can see where the bedroom is. I love all the windows!
View from the kitchen table into the kitchen. You can see light reflecting in from a 'back door'. (The door leads to a communal backyard where a garden is being tended to by previous tenants. So much for Scott's grandiose gardening plans...)
Kitchen from the entryway. There's not much storage in the kitchen so we had to buy a rack to put all of our stuff on!
Kitchen from the 'back door'. You now see the entirety of our cupboard and counter top space.
Bedroom view from the kitchen table.
Our bedroom with almost bare walls. I'm working on that...
Entry to the bathroom.
Bathroom. (There is a shower on the other side of the mat.)

I know this post was long and full of too many pictures. Plus, only those who made it to the end can know why I put the * up there! When we had our CA open house my nieces and nephews came over to check out the park across the street. While they were looking around Parker, age 6, asked why we'd own such a small house. I said it was just 2 of us so we didn't need much room. He was really confused since he comes over sometimes and needs more room. We didn't have the heart to explain to him that we're renting...
Last month we had some friends of Scott's over and their 4 year old told us how small our place was again. Who knew!

Monday, September 6, 2010

We go to two football games a week, which makes us real jocks.

This week we were lucky enough to make it to two football games: a Raiders vs. Seahawks game and the Stanford vs. Sacramento State game.

Pretty much as long as I have dated Cecilie, she has told me that Raiders fans are a rough crew and I would never make it in and out alive. There is not a better way to make me want to do something than to tell me that. I was so excited to go; my first NFL game.

Mike and Meredith went with us (well, we went with them is more accurate). They're pretty tough as well so it worked out.

The Stanford game took place on a beautiful Saturday. We got Cec a wife courtesy ID card so she pretty much looks like a legitimate Stanford student (sorry, Bill, your daughter is no Bear). She can now get into the pool, the gym, and get discounts for all sorts of activities. Pretty much all the student benefits without paying tuition or studying.