Tuesday, December 8, 2015

October misc.

I feel like with keeping a journal and posting on Instagram I have let the blog 
slide a little but I'm plugging along and get a weekly reminder to update here 
so even if I'm not as regular as I'd like to be I'm doing my best and 
will post eventually.

October was full of snuggles

and tears.

Matthew started staying awake longer and being more of a wiggly baby.

Jackson was salting my toes.
Do you like the computers lined up?
Scott was doing something but needed them safe from a certain toddler.

No Conference weekend is complete without cinnamon rolls!

This gift was wrapped for his birthday but saved for Christmas.
It was not meant to be unwrapped in October...
(A lot of mischief is gotten into while I nurse and yell "NO!!")

Matthew and his double chins had a great 4 month checkup.

These brothers love to get in each other's faces.

Every flu shot deserves an ice cream.
Jackson liked it so much he demanded another flu shot at our next visit!

This Matthew boy is just so cute!

One morning Jackson demanded a can of corn.

Sous chef strikes again!

This is every day at my house.

Matthew was a champ at sleeping anywhere.

It's gonna be a while before Jackson is allowed to babysit.

We went to Tilden Farms one day and fed the animals.

The chickens were awesome! (Or is that a hen?)

My sister's kids and cousin came so it was really fun!

Seriously, Matthew is adorable.

He loves the swing at our neighbors.
It lulls him to sleep almost every time.

A scary fireman with a spider.

This picture is so sweet to me. I told Jackson to put his shoes away and he did this.
My brother did the same thing with my mom's shoes many years ago and it reminded me of that.
Kids are timeless.

The boys got some bath toys and it changed us from fighting to get in the tub to fighting to get out.
I'll take the new norm!

Jackson was driving me crazy so I signed him up for a preschool class.
(It's technically a parenting class so I go but acts more like preschool.)

We love it!

Even Matthew comes sometimes.

The first day ended in tears and 

a very prolonged tantrum.
But now we're happier.

One Saturday morning we decided to get donuts for breakfast!

Matthew started rolling over so we had to get him out of the swaddle.
It took a few nights but now he sleeps just fine without it.
Aside from the fact that he's just plain a crappy sleeper...

How do you iron.

Next up: Monterey, Halloween, November, and Thanksgiving!!