Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We went to Yosemite last weekend with some friends and it was so fun. Scott's knee was still sore so we didn't do any vigorous hiking but that was my style for sure. We hung out, played games, and went on short easy hikes. It was awesome.
Scott and Westin with John Muir.

What's left of Bridalveil Falls. A few years ago when I went in June we would have been soaked standing where we are in this picture. The falls were beautiful still but we'll have to go back in early spring when they're roaring.

A pretty stream off the falls.

A view from Glacier Point. You can see Half Dome on the left and Nevada and Vernal Falls on the right. I'd never been up here and next time I'd love to do the Panorama Trail and see everything.

Another view of Half Dome with Tuolumne Meadows on the left.

Proof that we went to Glacier Point and Scott was sporting crutches.

An ENORMOUS tree in Mariposa Grove. I was excited to go here but they had a fire in the past few years and it wasn't that exciting to walk through a dead forest. Bummer deal.

As you can see, Scott's crutches were handy in so many ways...

We saw so many tree roots interwoven with rocks. It was really neat.

Scott's dream home.

We never did get a group picture but it was fun to be there with friends. We look forward to going back again soon!
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For a while now Scott has told me that I don't necessarily eat candy but I do buy a lot. I kept telling him how rediculous that is but the other day I cleaned out the cupboard and found this:
Do you notice the holiday candy? Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Summer... And that's not the worst of it:

I still have another dish of opened candy!

And I even had to throw away some candy!
Good thing I'm too embarrassed to take a picture of the candy bag I have under my nightstand...
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mt Bikes

We are borrowing some mt bikes from my sister and it's been really fun to ride together. We'd both like to be more daring but the other week we found a good starter trail so we could work up to being more daring.
Scott showing off his moves.

I was contemplating a hill that I had to go up and then back down. Perhaps I did more walking than biking...
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dynamic Duo

I know I haven't posted about redoing my parent's roof or getting mountain bikes but here's the result of both activities:
The other night Scott had a Boy Scout court of honor and they both had to gimp around.
My dad broke his heel falling off a ladder (ok, it actually split open on him but who puts the legs of a ladder on two different elevations when there isn't a chain to prevent it from splitting?!?!) and will have surgery Wednesday. It was the one night I couldn't stay to help and my mom wasn't home either. Luckily he was near the garage and could crawl in to where the crutches from his previously broken leg were. He then changed out of his dirty clothes and waited for my mom to come home and take him to the ER. He is one determined dude...
Scott tweeked his knee falling off his bike. He went mountain biking with some guys this weekend and went off the trail within the first 100 yards. Luckily he was able to get up and finish the 10 mile trail before limping upstairs. Needless to say the 'honey do' list I was compiling became my own 'to do' list. I sort of teased him the entire weekend thinking he was being dramatic but since the swelling isn't going down I'm starting to think he might be hurt. I guess we'll know when he visits the doctor tomorrow...
Until then they are quite the dynamic duo and I will continue to love saying "He fell off a ladder and he fell off his bike!"
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Bob the Builder

Rushton LOVES tools. My mom has a 'junk drawer' with a variety of tools and Rushton will stand at the counter for hours with the hammer and screwdriver, workin' away. Earlier this summer Melissa asked Scott to fix their electric swiffer. Rushton raced over there with a screwdriver to 'help'. It was seriously so cute.
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Week 37: salt

6 pounds salt

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bain Family Vacation, Part 2

Cute best friends playing on the trampoline.

Caleb being helpful with Hailey.

Double trouble at Fenton's.

On Monday Dad, Scott and I worked until 3 and then tried to catch up with everyone else. They had left earlier to get lunch at Fenton's, play at the park and then meet us at the Maker Lab (where Jake works).

Rushton eating his fries and ketchup as fast as he can.

Macey Mae.


Caleb and Parker.

Rushton feeding the ducks. Check out that windup!

Laura and the boys feeding the geese.

A circuit board of some sort. At the Maker Lab we made little flashing lapel pins. The boys (young and old) loved it because you had to solder the wires. It was hard to keep the kiddos safe with so many things to touch and see. I wish we had more pictures but this is all I got...

Caleb somehow convinced Parker to push him in the stroller.

Tuesday was spent relaxing and then Wednesday everyone ventured into the City. (Sadly, I had to work until 7pm this night. Woof.)

Grandma getting some much needed help from everyone.

Rushton spying on his lunch with Grandpa's bincolulars.

Parker and Caleb on the submarine.

Jenny, Maren and Macey.



The Bain Family!

Cute Parker and Caleb in front of the Golden Gate Bridge on a true San Francisco summer day!

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