Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Big Bear Lake

In July we went to Big Bear Lake with my family. Last year we decided to go somewhere and the hunt was on for an easy location. Initially we considered San Diego but availability and affordability had us quickly looking elsewhere. On day I pulled out a map and looked for a mountain lake anywhere between Tucson and the Bay Area. Big Bear fit the bill perfectly.

Matthew was thrilled to be along for the ride.

My sister Laura generously sat between 2 grouchy babies.

A required stop for any decent road trip.

We LOVED playing games with cousins.

One activity was going up the ski hill and taking a short hike.
This is the ride up the hill.

And the ride down the hill.

We took a family picture at the top and I need to find an 
expert at Photoshop to help create the perfect picture.

Can you tell what he had for lunch?

Parker is the oldest cousin and completely adored by the little folk.

Matthew got a lot of love this week.

I was not on this boat ride.

Jackson had his first S'more and it blew his mind.

Scott had lots of time with his boys.

I told you Matthew got a lot of love this week!

Jackson seems so grown up now with another baby (sometimes).
I didn't know he'd eat an apple whole or play with LEGOs!

We went to their little downtown place for a treat and a dance party.

Logan is so cute!

The big kids got to pan for gold while Jackson just made a mess.

They had an alpine slide and these 2 thought they were big enough to go down alone.

Cousins in the hot tub!

Nice lunch Melissa.

We had such a great time with family and can't wait until next year!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

In July...

we did a lot of stuff.
The last 2 weeks of July were filled with vacation and family so these pictures 
are about the first 2 weeks of July.

Matthew continued to sleep like a baby:
sleep through daylight and noise,
cry through darkness and silence.

We had an awesome little swim party with some of our favorite friends.

Naturally these 2 couldn't look great in the same picture.

They're moving to Chicago for business school and we'll miss them so much.
We'll come visit you for the architecture river cruise!

I was trying to get somewhere and Jackson wanted a reading break.
(If you notice I have the carseat and a stroller in the corner.)

Both boys love our neighbor and thankfully she loves them.
(And I love her for taking them while I make dinner sometimes.)

This kid and mannequins!

Cute little post-bath Matthew.

Happily playing at the park.

He's a watermelon cutting champ!

Actually, he's not all that helpful.
Good thing he's cute!

I love this little sleeper.

We have lots of brother time.
They both adore each other.

Hi Matthew!

This little thing only lasted a few days before it was constantly being kicked 
and played with by the wrong baby.

July 11.
Perhaps the most important day in history.

And he's still sleeping!

These little cows went to Chick-Fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day.

They were adorable.

Outside they had party music and games for everyone to enjoy.

Even Matthew and I went as cows!

Jackson is a diligent dishwasher.

Matthew loves his alone time in the bath.

We went to a local farm one morning and ground some corn for the chickens,

checked out the tractors,

and rode the train.

Matthew all ready for church.

What's the holdup guys!?

Jackson seems to think the Bjorn is for him and Matthew.

He's a little too big.

And here we are chilling after a nap.
He wakes up slowly and on his own schedule...