Friday, August 30, 2013

Jackson in August

 Now that I spend my days at home with Jackson it's hard to think of anything grown-up to blog about.
Here's some random photos that I've taken lately. Most pictures are from different days but if you look carefully we're in the same position...

Telling me I'm crazy.

Who wants a pacifier!?!

These pajamas are so cute.

This is what we usually do all day: sleep.
(And by we I mean Jackson.)

He's all about that double chin!

This boy can totally find his thumb. It's ok for now but I hope he drops the habit before he starts getting dirty. Kids should eat some dirt but I'd prefer they not suck it off their hands.

I love this picture. It's him smiling in his sleep.

He just spit up all over me after I took a shower. Thanks!

Those shorts are a bit long.

You can't tell that he's only wearing a diaper but he just totally pooped and spit up all over both of us. Awesome.

Don't you think he's such a cute baby?!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Utah Family Reunion

Back at the beginning of August Jackson and I drove out to Idaho/Utah with my mom. We were going to a family reunion but decided to leave early so my mom could drive down memory lane in Burley, Idaho and so I could visit some friends in Utah. It was a great trip but too much driving. By the time we got back home Jackson was almost frantic to be out of the carseat. 

We killed a little time at the mall and Jackson was so glad to be held that he fell asleep.
He's so cute.

My brother's family came from Arizona and we got to hang out the day before the reunion.
Cute Macey enjoyed her ice cream cone.

Parker & Caleb enjoying their tour of BYU.
We went to the Pendulum Court where Laura used to make the most delicious lunches.

I was so excited to go to BYU for a wrap I used to get on Friday afternoons (it was how I treated myself) but they don't make it anymore. I was sad but able to console myself with warm wheat bread, honey butter, and chocolate milk.

Parker patiently waiting for his mom to run an errand...

And Caleb patiently waiting...

Miss Macey had a birthday that weekend so we had a little party for her the day before.
How cute are these cupcakes?!

In the afternoon we went swimming at the Lehi Rec Center and it was so fun. I haven't been swimming in a long time but this was a good way to start. Those kids LOVE to be in the water. We went down the slides numerous times.

While Grandpa took pictures of us Jackson stayed with Grandma. However, he did manage to poop all over my towel. Thanks!

The Bain representation at the reunion. 
Back row: Mom, Dad, Cecilie, Jackson, Jenny, Eric
Front row: Caleb, Parker, Maren, Macey

Scott was planning to come but his grandma passed away and her funeral was that afternoon so we had to wait to see him until the rodeo that night.

And here he is!
We debated taking Jackson to the rodeo and finally decided to do so. Our decision is summed up by the lady who sat in front of us: "I may be old fashioned but I'd never take an infant to the rodeo."
He screamed most of the time.

Here are some pictures of the rodeo for your viewing pleasure:

Grandpa and Maren
It was so warm during the day that we didn't think about it cooling down at night!

I hate the bull riding. It's so brutal.
The rodeo ended with fireworks so everyone went home happy and tired.

And this is Jackson's opinion of being in the car ONE MORE TIME.
I was worried he wouldn't forgive me!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jackson's Big Room

Here's a little photo shoot of Jackson's "bedroom" just to keep it as a memory.

The other day my mom asked about what Jackson sleeps in: a pack-n-play.
Then she asked what kind of dresser he has: 2 steri-lite bins.
And he sleeps in a closet.
We're awesome parents!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tesla Roadster

I would like to say that blessing Jackson was Scott's highlight last Sunday but that would probably be a lie. Perhaps equally exciting was his opportunity to drive a Roadster.

Even though they left before me it took them longer to get to where I was meeting them...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Santa Rosa

This post is really just for my sister to copy and put on her blog.
My mom and I went to Santa Rosa a few weeks ago and Rushton and Hailey loved having Jackson around to play with. They both got quite an education when I nursed Jackson! No guys, Jackson does not want to hold toys or have his toes counted while he eats. Good luck Melissa with Baby #3!

Rushton loved holding Cute Jackson. When we arrived he came over in his softest voice and said "Hey Little Buddy. He's so cute!" 
It was adorable.


So maybe Hailey's not quite as interested as Rushton is.

Rushton read all about Super Heros to Jackson. 
It might be a few years before he's interested!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jackson's Baby Blessing

Yesterday we had cute Jackson blessed at church. As Mormons we give infants a blessing instead of baptism (we don't baptize people until they're at least 8 years old).
Scott's parents came out for the weekend and then my local family came over for the afternoon.
Jake, Rushton, Melissa, Hailey, my mom and dad, Scott, me, Jackson, Scott's mom and dad.

Same as above except my aunt Cindy and uncle Gary.

Picture with the grandparents.

Our happy little family.

Jackson was a perfect baby during the blessing. Last week he pooped all over his cute train shirt so I was worried that would happen again this week. We even drove to the church with him in pajamas so there would be minimal time for him to poop in the outfit! Also, he was going to be hungry around 1:15 which is exactly when the blessing was going to take place. We brought some milk and had him chug it during the beginning of church so he wouldn't cry out of hunger. Our last plan to keep him happy was that I gave Jake the pacifier in case he started to make noise. Apparently it came in handy! 

The blessing was so nice and we topped of the afternoon with a nice dinner at my parents before everyone headed home. We're so glad so much family came to celebrate with Jackson and know that those who couldn't make it wish they were here instead!

We love our cute baby!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy TWO month Jackson!

Jackson was two months old on Monday and we went to the doctor on Wednesday so I waited to post his stats.
23.75in long (78 percentile)
12lb 13oz (59 percentile)
head circumference: 42cm (100 percentile)
His weight skyrocketed but everything else stayed basically consistent with growth.

Since he's able to sit better now there aren't as many outtakes but I'll post a few now:

We still think he's pretty cute!

July Day to Day

Here are some random photos from last month.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Here's pictures from 2 different Sunday's with cute Jackson all dressed up.
Smiling for the camera.

Really, more pictures?!

Yes, we had to get one with Daddy!

I thought he was so cute in this outfit. (Too bad this dumb picture won't turn on blogspot!)

And another sideways picture.

We were at my parent's this weekend while Scott was camping and my mom helped 
Jackson take a Sunday afternoon nap.