Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bain Family Vacation, Part 1

In mid-July my sister Laura (living in GA) and brother Eric (living in AZ) came to visit. The beauty of living close to my parents is that I didn't really have to pack up and travel for this vacation but the downer is that I had to work the entire week and could only hang out in the afternoon/evenings. Next summer I vow to get at least a few days off, if not the entire week. I don't have all the pictures yet so this will be a series of installments.
On Saturday Scott took Laura and I out sailing. I've been sailing with Scott before and while I'm not really afraid I just DON'T want to get wet. Seriously. I don't like the water splashing on me and I don't like the feeling that we might tip every time we change directions. Perhaps we always pick cold days or I just think the Bay is dirty. I like to think I love sailing but perhaps I just need a different location to really love it.
Anyway, a few minutes into being on the water Laura couldn't stop laughing at me. I'd yell and throw myself onto the highest side of the boat whenever it rocked (which is basically the entire experience). She thought I was being overly-dramatic and ridiculous. While I can see her point I still didn't want to get wet. I guess in the end Scott was glad to have Laura telling me to be quite instead of him having to. (I swear, I'm usually more calm and collected; I just don't like getting wet!)

Sisters! (Laura & Cecilie)

Laura came Friday morning, Melissa & fam came Friday night and Eric's fam showed up Saturday. How cute is this picture?! Rushton was so glad to have a friend and Maren loves being with kids younger than her. They had such a great week playing together.

This is how my mom takes care of the kids before church. The kids loved it.

Parker and Caleb squeezing their own lemonade. Last year they tried to sell it and only made about $2 legitimately (family donations were larger...). This year they abandoned that idea and drank it all themselves.

Trampoline fun! The older boys loved to be jumped by adults and the younger kids liked to jump themselves. I liked playing with the boys but lets just say I could play longer with the little kids...

Macey Mae!

Eric and Parker dutifully working on robots. Now that Jake is working at O'Reilly Media he always has a project in mind. The boys (of all ages) were thrilled to have their robots move.

Parker loved holding his newest cousin: Hailey Mae. He always wanted to help feed her and cuddle. He's a great big brother and cousin. Parker, you can hold my kids all you want some day.

How can a day possibly be complete without a long game on the iPad?

Stay tuned for what happened during the week!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Curtis & Jamie Lee

We went to Utah for Scott's brother's wedding. Curtis and Jamie were happily married on July 28, same time, same place as Scott and I. This is the only picture I got so it doesn't really do justice to how beautiful and happy they were. The lucky ducks went to Hawaii on their honeymoon.

On Friday we went to Snowbird with the rest of the Lee's and did a bunch of different activities. Here's Scott doing a flip.

Yes the harness rode a bit high...
There were 4 trampolines and Scott and I were out of breath much faster than the 2 kids we were jumping by. We blamed it on the altitude change but I think it's more accurately attributed to our age and lack of fitness.

Scott's mom went all out on the trampoline. It was awesome.

We went on this obstacle course that was about 30 feet above the ground. Looking up we thought it looked sorta lame and easy but once up there we were a bit nervous about falling off. I asked a kid up there if he was nervous and he just shrugged and said he'd done it before.

The one I'm doing was easily the scariest. You have 2 thin ropes to balance on and then have to keep letting go of the ropes above your head to get to the next one. Later on Scott's sister did it without holding onto the ropes.

Scott trying to stay balanced.

Scott's mom even went rodeo and rode a bucking bull with her hat on!

On Saturday morning we went on a little hike and crossed this very pretty stream. The water was rushing by so fast.

And we made it to the meadow!
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lee's 4th of July Visit

Scott's parents came to visit over the 4th of July weekend and we had so much fun. We picked them up from the airport on Friday night and went to a delicious Chinese restaurant and then Fenton's. That place is delicious. Sadly we were too full from dinner to get our own Sundaes but sharing was still awesome. It's a good thing we don't live closer because I'd be there a LOT more often...

On Saturday we went to the Conservatory in Golden Gate Park. (Although my purse looks like the main attraction in this picture you're actually supposed to be admiring the building behind us.)

A cool zebra plant.

So maybe I predominantly took pictures of leafy plants instead of flowers. I like the green shades though!

Saturday night we went to a soccer game with fireworks for the after show.
Scott and his dad.

Me and Scott's mom.

We spent some time in our garden and Scott's dad is an excellent berry picker. He picked enough that I could make us a berry pie for Sunday dessert. My prior attempt was a failure but I'm happy to say that this time was much more successful. The pie was so good!

We had a great time with the Lee's and hope they'll come out again!
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