Tuesday, March 29, 2016

!Viva Las Vegas!

A while ago it was decided to spend New Year's in Vegas with the Lee's.
We loved it!
There was great cousin time for the kids and delicious dinners for the adult.

There was a park nearby that the boys loved playing at.

Oh yeah, and bath time was a huge hit!

Jackson and Teancum could hardly wait for the post-Christmas Christmas celebration!

And we could hardly get a good picture.

We spent our evenings touring the Strip and seeing all the hotels had to offer.

Even Olaf was there!

Jackson took a ton of pictures.

We took a family photo and this was a good as it got!
The kids were basically looking (Matthew!).

Matthew is beyond adorable!

We went to Hoover Dam and it was super interesting.

Scott Lee family!

Scott, his dad and the boys.

Eldredge family & Grandpa
(minus Ruby)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Big surprise here: we went on another road trip.
Matthew did not drive.

For New Year's we were going to Vegas to be with Scott's family so Scott suggested we should drive through Death Valley on our way there. It would be winter and not a million degrees. I was dubious that there would be anything worth seeing but I'm always up for an adventure.
It was AMAZING!!

We left Monday morning and only had a bit of daylight by the time we arrive.

Jackson made quick work of playing on the sand dunes.

Family selfie!

That night we slept in the park (no other hotels are even close) so we we're 
ready to go Tuesday morning!

It is simply beautiful.

We drove through Artist's Drive a few times

and then went to Badwater Basin.
It's the lowest point in North America.

If you zoom in there's a sign on the mountains behind that shows where sea level is.

Scott is a work horse!

It was cool to walk out on the flats. In the summer it's discouraged since the temp can be over 135 and you dehydrate super fast.

We went on a little hike after.

It was actually pretty chilly there.
A guy we met said he's come in March before and it's uncomfortably hot by then.

Below on the left is Badwater Basin (the white).

Seriously, so beautiful.

I worked hard to get some good pictures.

These guys...

Have I said that I loved Death Valley yet?
I seriously hope we can go back again. It's so huge and there just wasn't enough time!