Monday, January 25, 2016

6 months!

While this may have happened after Thanksgiving it's giving me a few more days to catch up on writing about Thanksgiving! This rolly polly is adorable and lovable. 
And now that he's sleeping better he's simply the best!

But seriously, how can you not love this cuteness?
Even Jackson wants in on the love!

We had our 6 month check up and it all checks out. 
Matthew is pounding the solids so we'll cut back on nursing and I love that!
His stats:
weight: 16lb 5 oz (25 %tile)
height: 26.6in (45%tile)
head circ: 45.2cm (93%tile)

We love our big headed babies!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

November Nonsense

After a crazy end of October we let the beginning of November be a bit more calm (so the end of November could be crazy).

We spent a lot of time in jammies.

Jackson proudly took a picture with his monster bag for the Halloween party at preschool. 
(It's mid-January as I write this and it's still the only craft he's been willing to do.)
(Actually. I did it.)

This is preschool: we play with Scoop the entire time.

Matthew became a proficient roller.

Jackson is the everlasting good brother!

I got an early morning temple trip in!

Halloween costumes can be worn all year.

Cute Matthew loves to sleep on his belly.

Jackson's last few weeks in the crib.

This is Jackson's favorite way to wake up: Matthew in his face.

Melissa's kids came down for a day and Matthew was generously loved.

We had a Chipotle lunchdate with friends.

Bathtime cuties!!

Scott and my dad installed new baseboard heaters that have a thermostat and I LOVE THEM SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!

Jackson showed up during the project and started telling them to work and throwing tools at their heads. It's was hilarious and frustrating.

Matthew was the biggest baby helper.

Later that night we went to a climbing gym with some friends.

Jackson was actually incredibly brave.
I swear that kid has no fear.
Matthew slept through it (as usual).

But seriously, is he not the cutest!?!?

What you don't see is Jackson licking the frosting off the knife...

This is a boy who takes personal hygiene seriously.

Matthew loved the Stanford volleyball game.

Go Cardinal!

Who needs a countertop when you can cook on the floor!
(I love baby locks for cupboards.)

And now we've gotten caught up to Thanksgiving!!!
(Are you as proud of me as I am?!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

5 months!

Halloween wasn't the only thing to celebrate on October 31,
Matthew turned 5 months!!

He getting bigger and more wiggly.
While I love the magazine perfect photos of the first few months these really are my favorites.
It's hard to actually get it perfect but I love the wiggles and smiles that being silly brings.

He really liked the bear this time...

We love you Matthew!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Long Live Halloween!

I'm not going to lie, we may have over-celebrated the holidays this year.
For Halloween we went trick or treating 8 times (we still have candy...),
for Thanksgiving we drove to Seattle and Portland (visiting family and friends),
and for Christmas/New Years we spent time with all of our siblings and parents.
We're kinda intense and extremely exhausted.

Our first trick or treating stop was in Walnut Creek with my sister's kids and cousin.

Matthew the Mummy loved it.

That evening we went to a carnival at my nephew's school and Jackson got a snap bracelet.
Living the dream here.

While I was in charge of my niece I paid for her to get her face painted. 
I don't really care for my kids to ever have face paint because I think it's messy to clean up but I loved paying for someone else's kid to get it done!
You're a beautiful butterfly Hailey!

Tesla wished us a Happy Halloween again this year!

On Wednesdays we go to a little singing group and we celebrated there.
The kids were so cute in their costumes. (Matthew slept this one out.)

We even celebrated at preschool!

And another store front trick or treating.
This one is in Los Altos and my favorite. The stores are close together and so many participate.

Trick or treating like a boss.

(Don't worry, it's still not Halloween!)
We crashed my parent's ward's Halloween party.
The best part is that they weren't even in town! Hahahaha

Halloween morning we got into the spirit by carving a pumpkin.
Jackson was pretty grossed out by the slimy insides.

Jackson and his one of his favorite friends.

My best shot of our ward Halloween party.

And because I don't know when enough is enough we even went to a few houses after the party! 
For reals though, Jackson loved it.

Our best photo of the carved pumpkin lit.

And because Halloween doesn't have to end on October 31 we turned in the nasty candy to Jamba Juice and got a free smoothie!

Matthew had just as much fun for Halloween!
Hopefully next year he'll also be featured a bit more prominently. He was there for everything but slept through most of it!

**It's now January and Jackson still occasionally asks to go trick or treating. 
He also frequently wears his fireman costume.**