Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I built that.

I must say, I'm pretty proud of my creativity!
(Yes, the bar is pretty low.)

Jackson is super great at helping.
Who doesn't want chewed up carrots on their pizza dough?!

Anyone want to know the slowest way to the recycling bins?

Push a tiny recycling truck the entire way there.

Poor Matthew never gets a quiet moment.

Jackson has mastered climbing in the bathroom to brush his teeth.

We love being cozy wozy here.

Brothers are the best!

And this is what we've been up to lately!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


In September my mom and I went to Arizona to watch my brother's kids for a few days. We've done this before and it's so much fun. My kids love them and they love my kids. I'm writing this post in November and Jackson still talks about going back and playing with his cousins. 
Not to mention he now knows all about football and spiders thanks to the boys!

I'm not going to caption each picture but they just give you an idea of all the fun we had.

Jackson had a great time with the girls but loved rough housing with the boys.

And the girls loved Jackson but couldn't get enough of Matthew.
It was basically perfect.

We saw some incredible soccer playing.

And it was miserably hot.

Jackson never stopped moving or playing.

We used every seat in my new car!
(You can't see Matthew between the girls.)

We had lot of treats

and lots of laughs.

But this wasn't funny.
Jackson destroyed all of Parker's hard work.

Retired people...

Seriously, we had such a great time!!!
We can't wait to go back again.

And on the way home Jackson saw this and yelled "Juice!"
It was time to have summer end and be home.