Sunday, October 16, 2011


This weekend Scott went camping with the Boy Scouts and over the campfire they started talking about chores. After listening to the complaints Scott interjected with "Just wait until you get married, your wife will give you chores every Saturday!" He thought he had won the discussion until a 12 year old said "You mean that Sunday through Friday she doesn't make you do ANYTHING?!?"

I'd like to thank that boy for reminding Scott of how good he has it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Backyard Garden

This year we planted a garden both at Stanford and in our backyard. My dad's kind of gardening was more high tech and involved more 'Y' connectors then you could imagine so it was nice to just turn on the hose in the backyard and water for a few minutes. Since I had to drive to the Stanford garden Scott and our friends took more care of it than myself... I'll include pictures of that in another post.
We actually shared the garden space with some neighbors so everything from the bricks to the sidewalk is ours. From sidewalk to the fence we had: wild flowers, basil, lettuce, broccoli, watermelon, jalapenos, tomatoes, zucchini.

Here's a more developed shot from the summer. Yes, the watermelon plan originated near the tomatoes but branches migrated all over the garden. I still haven't tried it yet but I'm afraid that it might taste like jalapenos since they are very close together...

Some of our harvest!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Up' House

I totally forgot to mention that while in Utah we visited the 'Up' house. These designers got permission to replicate the home and it's super cute. There were droves of people there but very much worth the wait.

The front room. They gave all the workers a little device that would play portions of the movie where a particular part of the home was depicted so the replica could be as accurate as possible.

I didn't get a picture but they even had an older man and chubby Asian kid sitting in front of the house to greet everyone.
Since there was more house then what was shown in the movie the builders took some creative license. In the basement they made a 'Toy Story' room and another one decked out in princess stuff. It was a totally cute house.

The builders did a great job and we LOVED another house they designed. Seriously, if we ever move to Utah (or have enough money to fly them wherever we live) I'd love to have this home: We loved the inclusive design and how cozy it felt. We spent quite a bit of time talking to one of the partners about the 'Up' house and the one that we actually want to live in, someday...
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dynamic Duo: The Saga Continues

I know you've all been wondering how my dad and Scott are doing so I'd be happy to fill you in:

Dad: He had surgery on Sept 14 and 4 screws were placed. The doctor said it was a nice fix. On Monday, Sept 26 he was going downstairs on crutches and his computer bag shifted, causing him to lose his balance and fall. He now has a compression fracture on his right arm. In case you're wondering about the ramifications of that: his right arm is in an immobilizing sling for 3 weeks and then they'll start physical therapy. Yeah, he's not moving very fast anymore. Poor guy.

Scott: He hurt his knee on Sept 10 and sued crutches for about a week but made steady improvements. Since he was walking pretty well and riding his bike to school I thought his lingering limp was just a plea for sympathy. Well, this week he finally got the MRI taken and will be seeing the orthopedic surgeon about his torn ACL, torn lateral meniscus, and lateropostero tibialplateu fracture. Yeah, that's right: he was limping from pain, not for sympathy. Usually you can't walk with this fracture (in fact that's what my dad did 6 years ago) but it's so lateral and posterior that it's not bothering him that much. They were going to make Scott go back on crutches with a leg brace but since he's doing pretty well they'll save that for post-surgery. However, we won't be having surgery until after the Boy Scouts go canoeing next weekend....

If you're wondering how I spend my freetime you can just visit me at the 'Fremont Infirmary' (aka my parent's house).