Monday, March 5, 2012

When I don't go to work...

this is what I do!

I had some time to kill with my friend Haley so she let me get crafty with her supplies! 
It was actually super easy and fairly quick. Since I know you all want to make one now I'll tell you!

- particle board or some piece of wood cut into whatever size you want
- some batting cut just larger than the board
- fabric that is large enough to fold over the edges and be stapled or glued
- staple gun or glue for the fabric
- nails to hold down the ribbon
- ribbon
- buttons that you'll glue over the nails

Just cover the board with the batting and fabric. I didn't attach the batting, it will just stay with the fabric. I then put on the ribbon with staples (but glue will work). I nailed down the ribbons where they intersected. The will help keep them in place and also give more strength where your paper or pictures will be. Then just glue on as many buttons as you want. I bought my buttons in a pack and there were just the perfect amount but you can put more or less on; whatever you want!
When you're done you can add a big ribbon to hang it by or a wall hanging attachment or anything you want.

What it might look like when used. (I couldn't find any scrap paper but this get's the point across!)

Pres Day & Rush's Bday

We spend President's Day (and last weekend) at my parent's house lifting the Jeep so that some big boys can go 4wheeling. My dad suggested this project when we were doing the roof this summer and Jake and Scott jumped at the opportunity. The lift kits finally arrived and it was time to work.

The morning started with a lot of head scratching and wondering how to get rusted bolts off.

Then there was a lot of group work that was necessary.

Finally things really started to move when Rushton came out to help...

OK, so maybe Rushton wasn't too interested in helping.
He had a great time sitting in a laundry basket with Hailey while Grandma worked!

Break Time!
Dad, Jake, and Scott

Since Rushton's birthday was in the next few days we had a little party for him at dinner.
He was pretty excited to open gifts and less excited to play with them right away.

Since February is a hard word to say he says his birthday is on
"Two Twenty-two!"

And contrary to what you have been assuming, I did not help with lifting the Jeep. I did some babysitting, dish washing, food preparing, napping, photo documenting, and other important activities

Sewing Class

My friend Haley and I are taking a sewing class at the adult school.
She's making an apron (yellowish background) and I'm making a skirt (creamish background).

We'll model our accomplishments in the near future.