Friday, August 28, 2015

Finishing up June

These pictures are in no particular order but just sum up the rest of June for you!

My nephew Rushton borrowed my phone to take pictures one afternoon.
Smile Jackson!

A headlight never gets old...

My brother came to SF for some work so he spent the night at my parent's house.
We had a nice family dinner and plenty of laughs.

New babies make for sleepy mornings.

One afternoon we went to a pool party.
Most kids were excited about the end of school: Jackson just wanted a popsicle.

We loaned our hiking backpack to some friends so when it was returned 
Jackson insisted on getting a ride.

Jackson begs to "help" with the dishes daily.
Sometimes he's more helpful than others.

Sweet baby Matthew sleeping the day away!

Every. Single. Day.

Hi Matthew!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Matthew's Baby Blessing

In early July we had a sweet baby blessing for Matthew. Scott's parents had come to visit so we thought it was the perfect time. In addition to both sets of grandparents Melissa's family came from Concord (older sister), Laura flew in from Atlanta (younger sister), and my aunt/uncle and cousin came from Concord. We had a packed house so luckily we moved the party to my parent's backyard. Scott's Stanford friend also came for lunch.

In the name of getting this post done I'm putting up pictures that may be sort of scary...
This is everyone!
Gary, Cindy, Mackenzie, Dave, Kay, Scott & Matthew, me & Jackson, Louise, Bill, Laura, Melissa & Logan, Jake, Hailey, Rushton

The grandparents.

Jackson, Scott, me and Matthew

The Lee family side.

The Bain family side (minus the Hanks family).

Matthew was a total champ for the blessing. It was perfectly timed so he was in between eating and busy taking a nap. He didn't make a peep. Too bad I couldn't say the same for his older brother. Jackson could use some reverent blessings... Scott gave Matthew a wonderful blessing. This life holds a lot of wonderful things in store!

After the blessing we went to my parent's house for a luncheon. We wanted it to be quick and easy so we had burgers with watermelon and chips. It made for a quick transition to actually eating. The luncheon was a lot of fun but eventually Jackson was running around like a crazy toddler and most of the conversation had been had. My parents were kind enough to let us go home without cleaning up. The best kind of party to throw!

We sure love our sweet baby Matthew!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy ONE month Matthew!

These pictures sum up our thoughts on month one: lots of tears. From everyone.
Everyone is glad we've already moved into (and now past) the second month.

Matthew is growing great and we love having him home.
Two kids have been quite the adjustment for me but I've enjoyed it all!
22.25in long (81percentile)
9lb 14oz (50 percentile)
head circumference: 39cm (93 percentile)

I am amazed at how similar Matthew and Jackson are in size!
We love them both the same and individually!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

June shenanigans

This is just a compilation of a day in my life.

You might find plastic eggs shoved between the couch cushions.
Why? Because that's where they belong. Obviously.

Jackson is totally smitten by Matthew
and it melts my heart.

I only clean up twice a day: before nap and before bed;
otherwise my house usually looks like this.

I can't believe how much bigger Matthew is at 2 months!

Bright eyes!

We've stopped by my work a few times and they have a wagon that Jackson LOVES!
He was able to give Matthew the grand tour of WOSC.

We were outside with the neighbors one afternoon and they let him water the bushes.

As you can tell it was impromptu.
He loved every second of it.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Movies

During summer the movie theaters play a children's movie at 10am weekly. 
You can pay each week for $1 or buy a $5 summer pass for all the movies (a total of 10).
I bought the passes thinking that for sure we'd make it to 5+ and get our money's worth.

This is how I thought the movie watching would go.

Matthew has done it perfectly.

This is how it has actually gone.

Jackson sits through about 10 minutes of the movie before declaring he's done

and then he plays at the arcade for a little bit.
(Thankfully he doesn't know the games take money...)
Sadly I don't think we'll get our money's worth but thankfully I'm only out $10 total.

**And a note about my frequency of posts. My goal is to write 3x a week.
Since I have a newborn and summer is full of vacation I'm hoping to get it done 2x a week.
Here's to making goals and keeping them!**

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Family Pictures - June 9

We had a fantastic photographer come over the week after Matthew was born.
She took some newborn, toddler, brother, and family pictures and I love them!!

Jackson pointed out Matthew's nose for us.

Brothers. Trains. Love.

Jackson needed almost no prodding to give Matthew lots of kisses.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

And we made the bed frame.