Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma Dixon!

Scott's grandma turned 90 in April so we all surprised her at a birthday dinner! She only thought Utah people were coming so it was fun to walk in with Scott's sister from New York and his brother and wife from LA. 

Grandma Dixon and her sisters.
They're a seriously good looking group so I hope my kids inherit those genes from Scott!

The David & Kay family - from left to right:
Scott, Cecilie, Alison & baby, Fred, Kay, Dave, Nicole, Jamie, Curtis
We're super excited for Alison and Fred to have a boy in October!
Grandma Lee with her favorite grandkids.
It was a really fun and too short weekend! Happy birthday!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mid-Week Hike

 The other week I had a random day off so Scott spent the afternoon with me hiking. We went out to Sunol and went on a beautiful hike. It was so fun just to be outside and see the pretty views that nature has to offer. We were going to take the long hike but decided to make it shorter. In the end we were very glad we shortened it since it still took 3 hours and we were potentially lost for the latter half.
Note to self: when going on a hike take an update map, not just an old hiking book!
Here are some pretty pictures:
 Scott working it for the camera with some very handsome treking poles!

I also have some handsome treking poles although I'm not sure if they helped or hindered. Perhaps a few moments of instruction on how to have them help you would be useful...
 We saw cows everywhere which was fun but I was always worried about being trampled. As much as I love the country I am a city girl at heart.

A picture to prove we were there together and made it back to where we started!

This year we've talked about doing a lot of hiking so I hope this isn't my last hiking post!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

iPad Casualty

I know you've all been hoping for a huge close-up of my face so I decided to comply this afternoon.

Last night I was trying to get situated in bed and started moving the blankets around. I flipped the top blanket and up flew the iPad, landing on my face! Seriously, it hurt so bad. Can you believe that it started to bleed too?! As much as it hurt it was hilarious.