Friday, February 19, 2016

7 months!

And then this guy turned 7 months!
(We we're on on vacation when this happened so it's not in the regular spot.)

Scott was there to help but Matthew had a different agenda.
I can't believe this sweet boy is growing up so fast!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


And I'm back! I swear I'll get caught up eventually...

We bought the car with 317 miles on it on July 28.
In the beginning of Dec we had 10K miles, now we have 13K.

We went to Scott's work party and clearly struggle taking a selfie.

Things never really got any better.

We went to a living Bethlehem scene that was simply amazing!! 
It will become our new family tradition.

Santa came to our ward Christmas party and Jackson was really excited.

These boys get pretty excited to FaceTime with Grandma & Grandpa Lee!

Matthew finally got big enough to sit in the shopping cart.
And Costco has a big enough cart for two!

But seriously, this kid!

Grandma Lee sent us a Christmas train and it just about made Jackson go crazy.
He could hardly wait to open it and get to work!

And then there was that night he barfed all over me 10 minutes before I was planning to go somewhere with some girlfriends.

Why do kids always want to play right next to the water when the moms are talking?!

These boys. Every morning.

Anyone want a cheese cookie sandwich?

Jackson kept kicking Jesus out of the manger scenes so he could put the cow in the barn.
It was hilarious!

And I finally finished my stockings!!!
And I promise I will not have 13 children.

But seriously, they love each other.

Maybe sometimes too much.

But I love it so much.

Jackson calls his mittens puppets and loves to sing when they're on.
(It's from a cute music time we attend on Wednesdays.)

Those hats!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

Two years ago we went to Oregon for Thanksgiving and had such a great time we decided to go again! The decision was made easier when flights were cheap but then we changed our minds about flying and drove up anyway! It was such a fun but exhausting trip. 
Next year we'll stay home!

Matthew does a car trip like a boss.

As long as we have earphones and Chuggington Jackson is also a champ.
We drove from Fremont to Seattle in one day and it actually went alright.
Most of the crying was during the last 30 minutes (and not all was from the kids).

After a breakfast snack at Pike's Place Market we headed over to the Pacific Science Center for some warmth and education. Before it opened, however, we had some time to play at a nearby park. Scott was obviously in charge of this situation...

Not too many pictures were taken at the PSC but Jackson loved this train at the mall.

After a nice car nap we met my cousin at Snoqualmie Falls
Can you see them in the background?!

Eventually the fog lifted enough that we could see the fall and it was beautiful!

Look at these cute kiddos!

After the falls we looked at some old trains for a while.
This was Jackson's reaction when we gave him a 5 minute warning for leaving.

For dinner we headed to my other cousin's house and had a great dinner with FHE.
It was so fun to see the kids playing and have adult conversation. 
Enough time with family can never be found.

Hanks Pride!

The next morning we went to the Ballard Locks
Scott had never been there and Jackson wasn't too impressed.

But the boys were in their element when this went by...

And what about that baby in the lumberjack hat?!

For some reason they let us in the Chihuly Museum.
Seriously, I have no idea why children are allowed in there.

It was stunningly beautiful.

For dinner we headed to Pike's Place Market and found a good seafood place.

Matthew loved it.

Apparently Tom Hanks ate in that chair for a scene in Sleepless in Seattle.

After 2 packed days in Seattle we headed down to Eagle Creek, OR so 
Jackson could tell Doug how to cook pancakes and sausage.

Matthew loved finally being out of the carseat.

Jackson got some good practice (unsupervised) with scissors.

This is the same Thanksgiving outfit Jackson wore 2 years ago but it lasted all day. 
Matthew's wearing of it only lasted about 30 minutes.

After a delicious Thanksgiving meal with aunts, uncles, and cousins we went to Lake Oswego to spend the next 2 days with friends who just moved there.
They had toys galore and Jackson was determined to spend as much time playing as possible.

We walked downtown for the tree lighting ceremony, wandered around 23rd Ave, ate too much ice cream at Tillamook, and had a blast.

We even went to OMSI for a fun-filled morning.

And then it was over and we were headed home with new headphones

and happy but exhausted babies.