Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More of the same

Post-church naps are delicious.

I'm getting pretty good at my train track building!

The weather has been nice, rainy, nice, rainy, nice so we enjoyed a nice walk around the lake.

We went to a random farm with lots of plants and chickens.

The kids were awesome and alternating between yelling at the chicken and running towards it.

Jackson the Foreman.

My dad came over one evening while Scott was in China.
It was so helpful to have another adult around to read the same book for the thousandth time!

Sometimes playing occurs with laughing instead of crying.

Jackson is my forever sous chef.

And Matthew gets stuck under his toys sometimes...

We discovered the mirror after lunch one day and it was super fun.
Jackson loves being an older brother and he's so cute when he mimics Matthew.

We saw cousins for an afternoon and Hailey loved Matthew!

Some days there is a lot of cleaning up to do.

Jackson made me a delicious breakfast one day!
(Yes, he can get the griddle out by himself. Don't worry though, we hid the cord!)

Matthew is getting into everything!

Jackson loves preschool but even more he loves Scoop!

Happy Matthew!

We went to the park one afternoon with some friends and they had a meeting of the minds.

Rush loves to hold Matthew (for about 2 seconds).

When on a long walk you must find rocks to throw off the bridge.
It makes everything easier.

Best buds!

I love Matthew being able to sit up in the tub. It's adorable.

And then there was the day I went to the beach.

We all needed a nap afterwards.

Date night!

We went to a 50th anniversary party for our church.
Since the boundaries have been redrawn multiple times my parents came since they were part of the stake too at one point.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

January Nonsense

We made it through the holidays and then started off the year with a bang of nonsense!

This may be the only picture you see of Matthew with a pacifier. 
He hates it.

Most of our days were spent playing and learning how to crawl.

Or they were spent telling Jackson to not hit/bite/push 
and Matthew to not destroy any toy he sees.

Once this kid learned to crawl our days of peaceful play were over...

Jackson loves preschool but even more he loves Scoop at preschool.

Jackson is my sous chef and Matthew is working hard to take over the position.

He is seriously the happiest baby when he's happy!

We went to a super fun construction birthday party.

Both boys loved it.

Actually, all the boys loved it.
Perhaps we'll copy that theme in May/June!

We fished a bike out of the dumpster on Christmas 
and Jackson has loved riding it everywhere.

Holy cow, another pacifier picture!

Happy boys!

Scott put a lock way up high so Jackson can't get out while I'm distracted.
He's learned to unlock the deadbolt...

Jackson loves to help, no matter the job!

His TV position.

I love this happy little guy!

And this one!

Told you Matthew wants to be my sous chef.

At the end of January Scott went to China for 2 weeks and I'm happy to report that I survived!