Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 2 Paternity Leave

Week 2 I think I felt like I needed a bit more recovery so we stayed home so more. (Scott could have taken Jackson without Matthew and I but I always want to be part of the party...)

Monday we made a split second decision to go to the beach.
It was 90F in Fremont and 65F in Santa Cruz.
I should have checked the weather...

We ended up at a very windy, dog-friendly beach.
Some guy brought his kite and just about killed everyone with it.

Jackson loves water so much he just froze out there with Scott.
Thankfully I had the excuse of Matthew and just sat on the beach.

Afterwards we had some delicious BBQ before heading home.
Jackson is such a good helper with Matthew!

Matthew had his 2 week check-up and Jackson had his 2 year check-up.
Both boys passed with flying colors.
Matthew was 19in long, 7lb 2oz, and his head was huge at 37cm.
Jackson was 35in (76%), 28lb (54%), and his head off the charts at 52cm.
I had to fill out a paper about Jackson and questions 2 and 10 stumped me...

Jackson loves to help with Matthew in the tub.
It's adorable.

Scott and Jackson did some morning workouts.

Matthew slept whenever he wanted to.

Jackson had the birthday that kept on giving...

Quite time with the baby.

Not so quiet time with the babies.

I've never seen a toddler love a baby more.
It's so cute (and a little bit dangerous).

Jackson knows how to put on the nursing pillow.

Friday morning I stayed home with Matthew while Scott took Jackson to SF.

They rode the trolley car!

Or more accurately they waited in line forever and then Jackson slept on the trolley.

It was super hot that day so we went to a local waterpark.

Jackson was in heaven.

One night Scott wanted to go camping but all the sites were full.
Instead we went to my parent's to use their fire pit and make S'mores.
Instead we used their oven and dirtied their kitchen.

Scott took great care of everyone, himself included!

When Monday morning came Scott was ready to go to work 
and I went to a friend's house so I could ease into being at home with 2 kids.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Week 1 Paternity Leave

Scott took 2 weeks off when Matthew was born and we made the most of it.
The first week was spent mostly hanging around the house, recovering.
We did a little cleaning,

some climbing,

and a lot of protecting.
(Jackson loved holding Matthew but he was kinda rough.)

Matthew thought it was all pretty boring.

So boring that he found this to be a comfortable sleeping position.

Oh yeah, there was also a lot of yelling (from everyone).

My niece had a birthday party that week so we went out for the fun.
Matthew met some cousins.

Sadly, this kid did not stay for the party even though he was dressed to party!

We colored,

played Duck, Duck, Goose!,

and opened gifts.
Happy birthday Hailey!!!

One afternoon we went to the Children's Discovery Museum
Matthew and I went from bench to bench but Scott and Jackson tried all the activities.

Jackson got drenched.

Grey is a bad color for water. 

Fireman Jackson!

He even got to work the ambulance.

The fun wasn't just inside! They had huge blocks to play with as well.

On Saturday morning we built a truck at Home Depot.

Scott really wanted to follow the directions exactly but I had to take over eventually...

Jackson had almost no interest until he saw it was a truck with wheels.

A little R&R.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

AM: After Matthew

AM. What an appropriate title. I'm seeing a lot of AM hours now-a-days.

Matthew is an adorable and happy addition to our house. I am constantly amazed at how much stuff a newborn uses, and we didn't even buy that much stuff!!

Jackson is getting good use out of the baby things as well...


A slightly scary family picture.

Jackson got a baby for his birthday in the hopes that if
 he had a baby then I could also have a baby.
Jackson should NOT have a live baby.

Some screen time.

Jackson doesn't ask to hold Matthew as much anymore but it's pretty adorable when he does.