Monday, March 11, 2013


So Debbie and I have been friends (and college roommates!) for years. She's now in the ward with me and expecting a girl in March. It's been so fun to be pregnant together, especially the other Sunday when we showed up in the same outfit! We have the same black dress so I wore my grey one thinking she didn't have one. And yes, we both have white polka dots on our cardigans. Awesome!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I lied in the last post, here's another thing from Oregon. 
This shirt was hanging in a restaurant and made me laugh.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Preview of Oregon

Contrary to what you may think the title means, this will be my only blog post about this trip to Oregon since it was a preview for me to check it out in case we move there. Scott has been interviewing for jobs and one possibility is at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon. He flew up in November for a job offer but decided not to take that one. When he interviewed for a different position in February he decided that I should come along and check out the area. 
Hillsboro and Oregon in general are nice but it was a typical overcast weekend and when we landed back home in San Jose the sun was shining and I remembered why I want to stay here! However, we had a really nice weekend. We drove all around Hillsboro and just looked at the neighborhoods. When I looked at rentals I was AMAZED at the price difference from where we live now. If we paid the same in rent there we would have a significant lifestyle upgrade. That would be nice.

 After getting our fill of Hillsboro we went out to Multnomah Falls. We tried to climb to the top since it was only a mile away but after the mile marker the top was still really far so we turned around. We weren't prepared to really hike and I'm pregnant so that's our excuse!

 The falls were really pretty though. 

After the falls we ate lunch at Elephant Delicatessen, which is totally awesome. Seriously, if you're in Portland you must go. We spent forever just deciding what to eat!
From there we went to see how the rich lived back when Portland first started. Pittock Mansion was really nice. On a clear day you can see all of Portland and it's supposed to be beautiful.

For dinner we met up with my cousin and his wife who live near Portland. If we do end up moving up there it would be nice since both Scott and I have family that lives nearby. We'll see! 
Portland was a really nice quick weekend trip to see what might be ahead of us.