Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Community Garden

(This post was written long ago but never posted. It's speaking of last year's garden.)
I've already posted about our backyard garden so I thought I'd also post about the Stanford garden. Our friends got the plot and generously offered to share it with us.
Scott loved mixing up the dirt.
I got to wear my most comfortable jeans so the work was slightly easier.

Can you tell how much Scott loves the garden?
Planting our future lettuce.

Scott's parents came out to visit in July and helped pick a delicious salad. Dave is an expert blackberry picker and I made a great pie from his finds. Yum!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RS Carmel Trip

Last month the women I go to church with had a weekend in Carmel that was SO FUN! Seriously.
Those of you who know me pretty well know that I like to go to bed early but this weekend I stayed up until 4am. I had planned on going to bed earlier but when a friend came in to show me how she can do the splits I knew that bedtime was a long ways away. Scott was stunned that I could stay awake for so long.

A pretty evening on the beach.

This is the view from the house. If you look hard enough you can see the ocean through the trees. It was such a nice house.
Us walking to the shops. 

Haley 'posing' for my candid shot. Scintillating conversation I'm sure...

Saturday was a blustery day but the waves are always so fun to watch.

We got home in time for Scott and I to go out for dinner Saturday night. However, I was running on almost no sleep and he had been on a camp out with 12 year olds so it was hard to talk about anything besides how tired we both were. On Sunday I needed a nice long nap. Let's just say I was reminded why my mom said no to sleepovers when I was a kid...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bed Bath & Beyond Picture

We decided it was time to move past our newlywed shrine and get a real picture for above the couch.
Before. (I know the picture is small but it's the only one I could find.)

I know it's crooked but I simply took the old pictures off and set the painting on top of the hooks. It took less than 2 minutes and I'm sure I'll get around to fixing it later...

Funny thing about this is that we have 2 other original canvas paintings hanging that are from when Scott was in France. This one is the largest and we bought in front of Bed Bath & Beyond. Yeah, kinda lame.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Too much time commuting...

It actually only takes about 20 minutes to drive each way but a lot goes through my mind during that time. I either listen to the news, a book, or make phone calls until they drop since I lose service over the bridge and any other time my phone is tired of working. (New phone is coming next month though and I'm excited!)

Lately this boat thing has been on my mind. I don't know why it fascinates me so much but I love looking at it and watching it move dirt so it builds up a small barrier.

When I finally brought my camera the operator had already gone home for the day but I had a great time taking pictures and just looking at it without wondering if I was going to crash. Seriously, I love this boat-monstrosity. 
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Burp Cloths

I've really taken up sewing lately and one of my recent projects are these burp cloths.

You might be confused now and think I'm making them for my baby but I don't have a baby.

However, I do have lots of friends with babies so these will be put to good use!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crab Cakes

Sometimes people at my work get together and order some fresh seafood so I took advantage of that a few months ago and bought some crab meat. Scott decided to make some delicious crab cakes. We had my parents over since Scott knew my dad would appreciate the good food more than I would.

Mr. Cook in the kitchen.

They had a really good bread crumb outer layer and they were gently fried.

Dinner is served!
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Valentine's Day

Since I'm backdating on my blogging we may as well remember this romantic meal.
I worked late and then went to EMT class with Scott. On the way home we stopped by Safeway for a hot meal. Nothing says romance quite like rotissery chicken and microwave potatoes!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

And I'm back!

I know, I know, you've been dying to know what we've been up to so I've returned to blogging so your curiosity can be quelled. (How about that for big words!?)

In March we turned 28 and had an awesome birthday. Since Scott will graduate next year we figured this was our last year of carefree money with no kids or responsibility so we bought out the stores!

Older and wiser Scott!

You know, just trying up the new sleeping bag while standing in the living room. I actually used it the other weekend and it's very nice. Good find.

Me with my display of gifts. 

And my favorite gift of all were the bundt cakes Scott bought.  If you have a Nothing Bundt Cakes near you and haven't been you are seriously missing out. I love the lemon raspberry but everything is delicious.
On Friday night I threw him a surprise party at our friend's house. He wanted to go to a show so we 'invited' them and had a few more people waiting there when we went to pick them up. The party was fun but Scott was a bit disappointed to not go to a show. Surprises are never any fun!

The boys working hard to try and beat us girls. 

A less than flattering picture of the winning team... 

Scott displayed all of our birthday cards on the dresser so we could remember how loved we are.
It really was an awesome birthday. We are now officially 28!
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