Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Halloween!

That's right. Happy Halloween again. We just love it so much that we can't get enough of it. Looking for a good excuse to make a mess and eat tons of candy till our stomachs hurt, we decided to make haunted gingerbread houses with Westin and Rachel.

Westin did the most design work; he had the most professional blueprint going into it. Their house had lots of neat features like a hanging gummy bear man.

Cecilie gives me a hard time about taking to long to start these creative projects so I just started throwing frosting all over the place and putting it together. The best features of our house was the gummy bear zombies crawling out of the graveyard and the flames coming out of the chimney.

The final products looked great. Ours stayed in our house till the day after Halloween when it found it's way to the garbage (minus most of the M&Ms - the candy coating really keeps those fresh and tasty over time).

Although our houses were scary, in the end, we were all proud of our handiwork.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Camping #2

I give up! I keep thinking we'll upload our camping pictures and post them but since it still hasn't happened and you all know what we look like I'm going to post pictures of our friends instead!

Some weekend in August we went camping with the Wheelers and Hatchs. The place was Scott's idea and we had a great time. We didn't get to the campsite until about 9pm and it was difficult to find the road but we were glad there was a road so we didn't have to lug our poorly packed gear a half mile up a dark road. After a late meal of hot dogs we broke out the S'mores and made a life changing discovery: the Todd Tuck. The Wheelers brought crescent rolls for breakfast but Todd decided to wrap one around his marshmallow instead. It was perfectly golden and deliciously sweet. Scott then added in the chocolate and we've now decided that it's way better than using Graham crackers. (The Todd Tuck comes from how Todd sealed the marshmallow in. If you invite us camping we're happy to bring the supplies and show you how it works.)

Anyway, the next day we went on a hike to a waterfall into the ocean. Here's some photos:

Taylor and Todd by a cool tree.
Rachel and Westin walking along the trail. (Westin, that's quite the confident swagger...)
Boys doing what they do best: throwing things.
The group: Cecilie & Scott,
Rachel & Westin and Taylor & Todd.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Scott and I decided that we needed more culture so when discount season tickets were offered to the San Jose Ballet we jumped on it. Our first ballet was Giselle and it was a new experience. Neither of us realized that it was just dancing, no speaking; so we were really thankful for the detailed program. The first half was great. The dancers were so elegant and really told the story well with their expressions and movements. The second half was good but a bit darker and we sort of lost interest. However, we have tickets for the evening performances so we're not exactly 100% after 9pm. We loved the ballet though and we're excited for Swan Lake in February and Carmen in April!