Tuesday, October 13, 2015


And before we knew it we were on the road again!
We usually go to Utah to visit Scott's family but this time we went for a family reunion on my side. Thankfully we were still able to see Scott's family and we even made it for a cousin's homecoming!

These pictures pretty much sum up Jackson's thoughts about driving:
junk food and tears.

Friday morning we went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Draper.
It was pretty cool but the kids loved the play area the most.

We waved to a lot of fish

and even got to ride a killer whale!

It was awesome to be there with cousins!

In the afternoon we visited my college friend. 
These 2 are only 2 months apart and equally cute and silly.
This was some competitive eating with blueberries.

Friday night was a highlight for Jackson: grandparents and trains!

We met up with Scott's parents and rode a train around the mall.

Jackson was in heaven!

Saturday was the big shebang: but I only got a picture with my sisters.
Tons of cousins came and we had a great time.
Hanks party 2017 here we come!

Isn't that a cute smile and a pretty girl?!

Sunday we went to Scott's cousin's homecoming and it was great to relive mission stories.

We spent time at Temple Square in the afternoon. 
We go to SLC quite a bit but never to Temple Square so 
it was really nice to spend Sunday afternoon there.

Jackson of course found some train tracks.
(One track mind...)

Oh, and there was water.

That night Jackson fell asleep in the car at 6:15 and I was able to transfer him to bed and change a poopy diaper and get him in pajamas without him waking up!
Too much vacation!

Monday we met with Scott's sister and her kids for time at the splash pad.
It was hot and sunny and the boys loved it!

Monday night we went on the Heber Creeper and it was epic.
While you might think a real train would be more exciting than a mall train I'm not sure Jackson would agree. I think once inside the train Jackson doesn't realize where he is so it loses the thrill. The mall train was small enough that he knew he was riding it and he loved it!

Matthew stayed in Greg's arms the entire time and never made a peep!

The train ride was a little crazy...


Tuesday we went to BYU for a little bit.
I tried to see a few professors but should have planned ahead.

By this time (actually a few days before) I lost my vacation love and was exhausted.
We even thought about driving home Tuesday afternoon but ultimately decided to stay until morning.

Hailey took good care of Matthew that day!

And it's time to go home!!!

Jackson was being really "helpful" while I fed Matthew in the car.
He got his head stuck! Hahahahaha!

Until next time Utah!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The celebration continues!!!

My sister Laura came home for a week after our trip to Big Bear and it was more fun than we could handle. (Literally, we needed weeks to recover after this!)

She wanted to go to the beach so to Half Moon Bay we went!

The kids loved it, the adults tolerated it.
A lifeguard came by as we were wading and said they had exceptionally huge waves and a strong undertow so don't go very far out in the water. Thanks for the warning!

Jackson crashed at my parent's more than 1 afternoon.

Our diet got healthier and healthier as the week went on...

Jackson loved having Laura around (and so did I). 
She's always full of energy and so fun.
Why is Atlanta so far away!?!?

Also during this week of fun Scott and I bought a new car.
I have enjoyed driving the truck but it was getting difficult to 
have room for anything but babies and baby gear!

Jackson has loved having Matthew's car seat in the house.

And he even loves Matthew's carrier.

We went to Fenton's to celebrate my cousin finishing taking the bar.
Jackson takes his ice cream seriously!
Congratulations Mackenzie! You're an inspiration!!!

And then suddenly Saturday was upon us and Laura went back to Atlanta.

Please come back soon!
We love you Laura!!!!