Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arizona Style Thanksgiving

We had a total blast this Thanksgiving. We went down past Tucson, AZ to visit my brother's family. All of my siblings came and it was super fun. We'll let the pictures tell of our adventures:

We can't seem to get together without taking pictures. We went to an old Mission nearby and took some cute ones. This is the unedited version, in the final version we'll have all the kids looking and smiling.
Eric & Jenny: Parker, Caleb, Maren & Macey
Scott & Cecilie
Mom & Dad
Jake & Melissa: Rushton & Baby #2
The happy grandparents! The grandkids are:
Rushton (22mos), Caleb (5), Macey (16mos), Maren (3), Parker (6)
Our family photo. Scott was in his element, I was in dismay.
Rushton jamming pretzels into Scott's head; both were throughly entertained.
And as Melissa pointed out in the comments, my Dad's bandaged hand is in the background. He feel while hiking the day before and ended up fracturing a bone. Considering his 'injury' last year we think he escaped Thanksgiving basically unharmed.
Thanksgiving morning my mom got out supplies to make candy turkeys. Parker worked really hard to get his just right.
Maren perhaps enjoyed the marshmallows better than the activity.
Caleb helped Scott make a clock tower for the turkeys.
Maren was quite the little cook. She helped Laura make some tasty lemon meringue pies.
The Thanksgiving party.
Cute little Macey Mae.
Can you see which activity was the favorite? Jake brought a rocket launcher and the boys LOVED it. (And I do mean ALL the boys, regardless of age.)
The easiest way to keep track of all the kids.
Parker & Caleb.

Arizona was a blast and it was hard to drive away. However, driving some new wheels made it a lot easier... Tune in later to find out what we got!


  1. Love it. Every time I see that picture of Rushton with his helmet on backwards, I crack up. It's so him. And is that Dad's bandaged hand behind Scott's shoulder in the pic of Rushton "pretzelling" Scott? Just thought I'd point that out. Until next time... (July sounds like a GREAT time for a family get-together!)

  2. Looks like such a fun Bain time! I love the pictures. Congrats to Melissa on Baby #2! I obviously haven't looked at her blog in a while :-)

  3. You have nothing to worry about Brittany, I don't think she's blogged in a while anyway. Also, congrats are due to you as well! I hear you're expecting! How exciting!

  4. Is that the mission where they serve Indian Fry Bread?!! If so, my family went there EVERY Christmas. I love your blog, it is super cute!!